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Wrought Iron Finishes by High Country Iron

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FULL REFUND (see details below)
Colors shown on computer screens will vary depending on many different factors. We highly recommend ordering sample plates to insure proper color selection. We will refund the complete cost of the color plates ($3.00 each) if they are returned in good condition and an order of $100.00 or more is placed. Otherwise, we will refund the cost of the color plates ($3.00 each) less $5.00 shipping cost if they are returned in good condition. Sample Plates are shipped with return prepaid envelope. Just drop it in the mail.
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Most Popular:
Black Iron, Oil Rubbed Bronze & Blackened Bronze
The Dark Browns (Bronzes) are Very Close in Color. Order Sample Plates to see Differences.

Finishes Applied by Hand and are Permanent. Sealed for Long Lasting Beauty.

Black Iron - Traditional Wrought Iron Finish.

Oil Rubbed Bronze - A Very Very Dark Brown/Black. In Some Light Looks Like a Soft Black.

Darkened Bronze - A Very Very Dark Brown.

Soft Rubbed Bronze - A Very Dark Rich Brown.

Tree Bark - A Dark Brown

Cocoa - A Medium/Dark Brown.

Brownstone - A Medium Soft Brown Rustic Finish.

Terracotta - A Medium Orange-ish Brown Finish.

Iron Oxide - A Medium Red/Brown (Brick) Finish.

Old World - A traditional “Black Iron" that appears to be old. A soft accent is applied sparingly to give an aged, worn look to the "Black Iron”. From a distance, the finish appears to be Black. Closeup you can see the slight occasional "aged” spots.

Burnished Oiled Bronze - A Multi-toned Very Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze With Bronze Metallic Highlights.

Luminous Oiled Bronze - A Multi-toned Very Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze With Gold Metallic Highlights.

blackened bronze finish
Blackened Bronze - A Multi-toned Black With Brown & Copper Metallic Rubbed Accents.

Golden Bronze - A Rich Multi-toned Finish With Gold Metallic Accents.

Rusty Black Iron - A Multi-toned Rusting Finish. Black Iron with Spots of Rust.

Lava Stone - A Multi-toned Deep Red and Black Finish.

Golden Moss - A Multi-toned Mossy Metallic Finish.

Old Copper - A Multi-toned Aged Copper With Patina Accents.

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